Gallic Snail Games' Old West Outlaws Begin March – The Outlaws of the Old West


Snuts Games' Outlaws of the West West & # 39; Gallopin's Forth at the beginning of access in March

Snail Games has announced the creation of a new publishing division called Wandering Wizard. His first job is to introduce the Outlaws of the Old West to players around the world. Developed by Virtual Basement, the game is described as "a game of survival and sandbox making in an open world" that aims to be "the ultimate experience of the West". Players will find themselves in the heart of the old American West where they will "hunt, forage, mine and craft to survive". The Outlaws of the Old West will be on Steam Early Access on March 12th.


Snail Games has been instrumental in publishing games including Age of Wushu, Dark & ​​Light, PixArk and other games for mobile phones and PCs. Some features of the servers and game mechanics seem very similar to those of Dark & ​​Light. Virtual Basement developers have also worked on titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved and Citadel: Forged with Fire.

Here are the main features of Outlaws of the Old West:

  • Exploration of the map – Travel alone or in a team to form a group and explore a vast 12 km by 12 km open world map with deserts, plains, swamps and mountainous terrain in the tundra with weather and temperature, animals , equipment and related goods.
  • Player-based narrative – Players decide on the direction of the server (s) and the game. With the morality system, players can build a reputation as a defender of the region, protect other players and camps from NPCs or gangs of players, or become cold-blooded outlaws terrorizing the locals.
  • Customization of the regulation – Build unique camps, encampments and forts or even become the mayor of a city, where tired travelers can rest, and aspiring traders, whether they be players or NPCS, can be found. to install to sell their goods.
  • Player-based economy – Explore the countryside looking for riches to establish yourself in the region. Players can search for gold, trade with players, buy deeds for player-managed stores, sellers and auction houses, as well as become a gun / hired guardian and much more.
  • Homemade – Make a wide range of tools and firearms to survive in the wild and defend those important to your player.
  • Harvest – To feed, players must live off the land – they can fish, hunt and care for livestock.

We do not have many other details about Outlaws of the Old West, but we will look for interviews and early access keys for the game online.

Keep an eye on the Outlaws of the Old West site on the next. a few weeks to find out more.

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