Game of Thrones fans were unable to attend the final in China because of the trade war


Game of thrones" The final of the series went around the world last night, giving fans the chance to close almost everywhere – except in China.

Thousands of Chinese users who use the Tencent Video streaming platform were outraged to discover they could not access the latest episode. A message titled "Transmission Media Issues" appeared in place of the final, according to the the Wall Street newspaper. A spokesman for HBO said at the Newspaper the network had no problem with the transmission of the episode, but the Chinese government had banned Tencent from broadcasting it because of ongoing trade disputes with the United States.

Fans in China can not broadcast Game of thrones This is just another example of the growing tension of trade disputes between the United States and China in recent weeks. Above Game of thrones" The final was not streamed. This weekend, Google has also obtained Huawei's Android license in response to an order from the US Department of Commerce. The ministry is appointing a number of companies that need US government approval to purchase US-branded technology.

China has accused the US government of "extravagant expectations" for a trade deal, according to a Reuters report. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang insisted on the failure of the US-China trade talks, which were trying to "obtain unreasonable interests through extreme pressure". ". Fox News in an interview that was broadcast Sunday that the United States and China "had a very strong agreement, we had a good agreement and they changed it. And I said, well, we are going to price their products.

Fans can not watch Game of thrones This may not seem to be a major problem in relation to the other fallout from US trade negotiations with China, but it is an example of how ordinary people are affected. Game of thrones is one of the most popular shows in China, the season having been viewed more than "550 million times on Tencent Video during the most recent season", the Newspaper reported. The episode has been on hackers, but is still not available for streaming via Tencent Video.

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