"Game of Thrones" finals stalled in China due to trade war


While Tenceent claims that a technical issue has prevented him from airing the Game of Thrones episode, HBO has disputed this assertion. In a statement to CNN, the premium cable TV service said "no problem of content delivery". A spokesman for the company also said at the the Wall Street newspaper Tencent was prevented from broadcasting the final of the series by the Chinese government because of trade tensions. Tencent has promised to inform its users of available broadcast time, and HBO has not been able to provide additional brightness to its viewers in China.

The Trump administration has been conducting its trade war against China for nearly a year now. Things got worse last week when the president signed a new decree effectively banning the sale and use of products from Chinese telecom companies. Companies like Intel, Qualcomm and Google have stopped their activities with Chinese companies following the blacklisting. The Trump administration would consider easing the restrictions to prevent service disruption for some networks using Chinese hardware.

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