Game Of Thrones returns tonight on HBO

Sophie Turner
Photo: Helen Sloan (HBO)

This is what happens in the TV world for Sunday, April 14th. All hours are east.

The best choice

Game of thrones (HBO, 9 pm, premiere of the eighth season): As you may know, the little HBO series that could come back on television tonight. We know almost nothing about it will happen but we have potentially lucrative ideas about what could. Maybe there will be a fight against an ice dragon. Maybe the time has come for CleganeBowl. Hell, maybe it's time for Stone Stone! (That's not the case.) But here's one thing we know for sure: Sansa Stark is a damn treasure.

The North remembers, and so do we, Sansa. Waiting The Thrones to arrive, wander in memory with our month of thrones, a collection of some of the most important moments of Eu l & # 39; history. Among them: an ice dragon, "shame, shame, shame", and of course, the Stark sisters in the service of justice.

Myles McNutt is back among the experts, and tonight Alex McLevy starts his watch for beginners. This is the final Game of thrones first. Let's goooooooo.

Regular coverage

Kill Eve (BBC America and AMC, 8pm)
American gods (Starz, 20h)
Billions (Showtime, 9pm)
Barry (HBO, 10h)
Veep (HBO, 10:30 am)

Wild card

Call the midwife (PBS, 20h): And now for something completely different. If you are generally anti-dragon, it may be time to move on. Call the midwife, where daily events are less "Tell Cersei than it was me" and more "Tell Sister Julienne that we do not have enough cookies for the party." In this week's episode, the audience goes on the holiday of Pentecost "as" Valerie helps a struggling mother. "Not a blazing Seven or a horrible wedding in sight.

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