Game of Thrones season 8: the last season has arrived

It's been almost two years since Game of thrones broadcast a new episode. When the credits rolled on the final of season seven in August 2017, Avengers: war in the infinite did not come out. The Mueller report was still in its infancy. It sounds like a literal life.

So it's understandable if you've forgotten what's going on in Westeros – especially since, at any time, Game of thronesthere are multiple secondary intrigues, double crosses and falsifications in rotation.

But do not worry: with the eighth season of the series starting Sunday, April 14, we have everything you need to prepare the last six episodes of the breathtaking epic HBO epic, going a reminder of what happened during season seven to a list of episodes essential rewatch before season eight. So go up the thermostat – you may have heard that winter is from right here? – and dig!

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