Game Pass members will not have to wait for much indie to come


Microsoft has given details of its upcoming plans for its independent ID @ Xbox gaming program and Game Pass subscription service. In a video released this morning, the ID team @ Xbox revealed a number of new games that will arrive simultaneously on Xbox One and Game Pass.

These games include Killer Queen Black, Outer Wilds and Blazing Chrome. Each member will receive the Game Pass subscription of $ 10 a month the same day as their world version. Xbox fans will automatically have all these promising independent games if they keep an active Game Pass subscription.

Microsoft also announced the launch of some games on PAX East in Boston this weekend. So if you want to try Void Bastards or Supermarket Shriek on the East Coast, you can do it.

Game Pass as an independent destination

Xbox Game Pass is already one of the best ways for fans to play the first versions of Xbox Game Studio. For $ 10 a month, you'll have access to games like Crackdown 3 and Sea of ​​Thieves the day they're released on the retail and digital platforms. But Microsoft wants to offer much more content than it can produce on its own and, in doing so, leverages its ID @ Xbox relationships.

This is where games like Killer Queen Black, Outer Wilds and Blazing Chrome come into play.

Killer Queen Black is a multiplayer action platformer based on a team that has appeared in the arcades of the developer Liquid Bit. Teams of anthropomorphic bees perform tasks to obtain one of three victory conditions: military, economic or snail. Yes, it's a snail victory, and no – I do not know what that encircles involved.

Outer Wilds is a planetary exploration adventure that relies on systems to create a unique experience for every player. These systems are so massive that they even include the movement of celestial bodies, all of which exist as 3D objects in the game.

Blazing Chrome is an all-purpose shooter that kills stinky robots. This is JoyMasher developer, who promises hardcore arcade action.

While independent games usually do not have the power to move material on their own, they can still bring significant value to something like Game Pass. If someone starts paying $ 10 a month for Halo, they may stay because it's an affordable way to try as many smaller games to come.

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