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GameStop reacts to Switch Lite model, here's what they had to say

Out of nowhere, Nintendo announced today a brand new Switch model, the Switch Lite. A smaller system, less powerful, with fewer features and no ability to connect to the TV, the system is clearly aimed at reaching a new audience. Naturally, the GameStop retailer is enthusiastic about it.

Sending to GameSpot, the site's customer manager, Frank Hamlin, presented his reaction to the system. "We are extremely excited about this, and I think it's a real opportunity to develop Switch's penetration into a family," he said.

"I think it's also a very good complement if you do not know the Switch yet as a way to get into the Switch ecosystem if you're currently playing on other systems," did he declare.

In the United States, GameStop is one of the market leaders in new equipment sales. Any new entrant is therefore apparently good news for society. Hamlin has also spoken to the GameSpot of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, and we will have more about it soon.

While the Lite Switch was officially announced today, the system has long been running a lot of ink. Even before the rumors broke out, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto explained how the company's ambition was to bring Switch sales back to more than one per family.

Nintendo wants the switch "to belong not to each family, but to each person," said Miyamoto. The new Switch Lite model seems to be linked to this ambition.

The Switch Lite will go on sale in September. With his inability to connect to television, he seems to be positioned as a pocket system that addresses a different audience.

In addition to Switch Lite, Nintendo is planning an upgrade to the usual Switch system. However, we do not know if the new version will be more powerful, as the rumor has it.

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