GATO – For trends (audio)


Text Voice – GATO
Mix Master – Radu Isar
Instrumental – mixtape
Creation – google


Strofa 1
I want to live music, do not give my soul to a villa
That tomorrow can die, "says Mac Miller
For young people, I have neither syrup nor grains
Neither jeans were wearing ankle, like Ariana Grande

Get this big boss, take some talent
Let's give a shot in my pussy as I throw you in the shit
I eat your pussy mouth, so many feet,
A single puppet, a puppet globe

It's not your world, it's their world, anyway they do what they want
Get a subliminal message that you have a TV
And you can be the bar, the biggest atheist
I know that I have God, every day through my chest

And when I became hard, I only stayed
Crazy music as I would be Orpheus
Your head like a trophy flowing with millions
1,2,3, I say that you made Motane!

Strofa 2

1.2.3 m as an eagle
On the set of animators inspired by Sarsaila
On all the animators who have had a blowjob
Who said that they were not selling, but they did it for sure

Put it on an umbrella, Mai Tai
They are holding an Alternosfera with May Flowers
Let's write stories, Militari, Bucharest
I can not say about souls and heroes in the Marasesti

I pull the uniform and go to work
Bouquet s' he does not eat, he can suck me
I know I do not like to be dressed in the strip
That's what I put on my belly to keep it in the shade

These are the old-timers of the old, back to back
"Futaiu and the shots never turn back"
Look with who you are to tell you who you are
Pay attention to who you are, you might be scared