GDC 2019: Google creates a game studio for the first part for Stadia

Google has finally presented to the world its first glimpse of its major video game initiative: Stadia, an ambitious cloud gaming platform that will allow gamers to stream games on smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs. The company has already announced the arrival of a handful of third-party titles on the platform, but it will also embark on the development of games with its own internal studio.

During the presentation of the Game Developers Conference, Google announced the creation of Stadia Games and Entertainment, a studio specializing in the development of titles exclusively for the platform. No plans have been announced yet, but Google has revealed that the studio will be run by Jade Raymond, a former studio executive at Ubisoft and EA.

We learned for the first time that Google hired Raymond last week, when she announced that she was joining the company as vice president. At the time, his exact role was not clearly defined, but his hiring meant that Google was seriously trying to break into the video game space.

At this point, few other games have been announced for Stadia, but Google has also unveiled Assassin's Creed Odyssey – the same game that was used by the company for its Project Stream test last year. – running on the platform. We also received confirmation of the arrival of Doom Eternal on Stadia, as well as the new game created by the Q-Games studio, Star Fox co-creator, Dylan Cuthbert.

Google announces that it will share more details on Stadia's launch lineup this summer. The platform is expected to launch later this year and will initially be available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and "most" European countries. Learn more about how the games work on the cloud and check out all the news about Google games regarding today 's event.

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