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slows down (catch up on everything you missed here), we gave you the opportunity to ask the Gearbox developers what you would like. Check out Gearbox's answers below and look for Borderlands 3 in retail and digital storefronts on September 13th.

GrimmyGrimmerson asks: Will the "Proving Grounds" mode have matches?

Yes, you can pair according to each mode. If you want to specifically search for a Proving Grounds or Circle of Slaughter game, you can do it. – Chris Brock, Executive Producer

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Techmow asks: I am a huge fan of cosmetics in the Borderlands universe. My question is this: until where are you ready to go with customization? Will there be new packs / content in the game added that will completely change the appearance of a character? I mean by that. . . (Eg FL4K wearing a completely different jacket or giving it the impression of becoming a freshly made robot just outside the treadmill.) Would you like to know what you think if it makes sense? Thank you! Love what you have done so far!

From the beginning of the "personalization speech" on Borderlands 3, I wanted to push the aesthetic further and more dramatic than ever. It was important to become more crazy with the heads and skins, to support this range between really "cool" and really "silly". I have the impression that we are achieving this goal. We have crazy heads, animated skins and even the ability to change the colors of any skin in the game! That said, I like the idea of ​​unique body exchanges. As we look to the future, it makes more sense to support such an idea in the future. Good idea! – Scott Kester, Artistic Director

TyphonTwister asks: Will we get a resolution of the content of Tales from the Borderlands in the main game, and if not, are there any plans for these characters?

Rhys and Vaughn return from Tales, and Borderlands 3 treats the Tales story as canonical (some player decisions remain ambiguous). We absolutely love Tales from the Borderlands, so we are just as interested in knowing where this story is going as you! Rest assured, the characters we have not seen yet are still in our plans. – Sam Winkler, co-lead author

Continuing the story of Rhys and Vaughn was an incredible opportunity. These characters are fascinating and we hope that fans of Tales will appreciate the place where we saw them in Borderlands 3. Fans may want to listen to their contextual dialogue … could be a reference here or there. The tales are just a fantastic experience, and there is a whole list of characters that we would be eager to explore. – Danny Homan, co-editor

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ryanocerous247 asks: From a purely creative point of view, who was the favorite chest fighter on whom to turn? Why?

For me, Moze. Moze was our first and probably the hardest to start. We wanted to build our characters with multi-action skills, but the way we did it posed many questions. Moze was fundamental to exploring how to create a consistent character while having multiple skills. There was a lot of iteration to get it started. She will always be special for that alone. -Paul Sage, creative director

I loved working with all the cave hunters. Everyone has a different past, a world view and a reason to join Lilith and the Crimson Raiders. That said, I'm drawn to Zane's strange, dark past as an agent who has worked for most companies and by the way he seems to know (and have worked with) as many characters as you meet. – Danny Homan, co-editor

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Klausboop asks: 1) Will it be possible to dupe weapons between players as you can in BL2, or does the introduction of loot prevent this? 2) I like the fact that you have made changes such as characters of different levels can play together: keep separate backup files for the solo game compared to my usual co-op friends so our levels are not not out of sync, it could be a thing of the past! But: is a low level player with just a few skills in the tree going to have fun with a team of high level people?

1) The deception of arms was a bug. It was involuntary. As such, our intention is not to introduce the deception of arms.

2) yes! Your equipment may not have all the benefits or your abilities do not have all the passive and extra elements, but we have done our best to make sure the game content is enjoyable!

Paul Sage, Creative Director

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PrimusZero asks: Can we select an increased difficulty mode from the beginning?

There will be two difficulty modes at the beginning: Easier and Normal. – Chris Brock, Executive Producer

Magaza20 asks: Question – Will there be a maximum level? If so, will it look like BL2 and force it to go through the safe search modes (if they exist in BL3) to achieve it?

The maximum level will be level 50. With Circle of Slaughter and Proing Grounds, it is not necessary to use additional funds to reach the maximum level, but we recommend it because of the additional advantages it offers when a second part. – Chris Brock, Executive Producer

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funkychipmunk asks: Will there be loads of action skills for each character we can record and trade between skills / increases currently unlocked?

There will be no savegames for each character. This is interesting, though, and something to consider going forward! – Chris Brock, Executive Producer

Brazzlefrazzle74 asks: Does booty and leveling work with local cooperatives or only online?

Yes, booty and level scaling works with a split screen. – Paul Sage, Creative Director

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