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A day may come when Bill Belichick loses his passion for football, but at 67, the head coach of the New England Patriots seems anything but happy.

Tom E. Curren of NBC Sports Boston recently met Thomas Dimitroff, Managing Director of the Atlanta Falcons, who worked for the Patriots 12 years ago. Dimitroff presented a fascinating description of his former boss at the NFL owners' meetings last month.

"I've seen it recently at owner meetings and it's at the top," Dimitroff told Curren. "He is the leading dog, no doubt. He has strong opinions, expresses them succinctly and articulately when he discusses what is important to him, and it's amusing to see him navigate through all of this.

"There are a lot of coaches and rejuvenated general managers of many years and a lot of experience too, but they are settling down so to speak and listening. He delivers with such assurance and such knowledge that, once again, he continues to impress on so many levels. "

Belichick remains committed to giving back to the game he loves.

More Dimitroff's conversation with Curren:

"There are a lot of very smart people in this room," said Dimitroff about sessions that include all coaches and general managers. "We are in this room for hours and hours later, nobody is engaged anymore. I think people can expect him to be less engaged as he gets more and more rings and more and more praise, I feel like it's part of it to give back to the game he loves so much. Many people got up a bit and relaxed a little, but I really believe that he continues to help us.

"He wants to pass it on. He appreciates that. He believes in the sanctity of the NFL on so many levels, he knows that there is progressivity in the league and we are moving in many new directions but, man, he is so present that he's watching that things do not become uncontrollable. as the senior state man. There is such a passion and that is how it is perceived not only by me, but by everyone. There are GMs who just let him sit and listen, not only on football, but on the rule, the league. He has such strong opinions and they are valid. "

Say what you want about Belichick, but his achievements are indisputable and his love of football is unshakeable.

Next season, Belichick will be 45th in the NFL and 24th as head coach.

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