Genesis Classics On Switch is the perfect way to play old games

In another reality, companies such as Nintendo and Sony are really interested in preserving their old games and ensuring that their entire libraries are playable now and forever, such as: Classics of Genesis might not be a rarity. But it's true and it's really great.

Classics of Genesis, which is already available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and coming out next week for Switch, is another compilation of Sega games like the one we've seen on almost every console since Sega stopped creating consoles (RIP ). He has some old classics like Sonic and Phantasy Star IV as well as hidden gems like Beyond the oasis.

I played it on Switch and I must say that's how all retro games should be packed. For some reason, the Switch version of Classics of Genesis it lacks two games that we have seen in other versions-the very good Wonder Boy in Monster World and Wonder Boy III– but otherwise, the line is solid. There is Landstalker, an isometric grip Zelda with good music, two awkward but iconic Bright force games, and a lot of weird platforms.

The most impressive is the packaging. The menu screen for Classics of Genesis is designed as a cute little room, with old-school Sega posters and a Genesis game shelf that you'll see inserted into a console every time you pick a new one. (You can even put your favorites in a separate section of the shelf for easy access.)

You can play every game in full screen or on TV, and while you play, you can use all kinds of convenient emulation features, such as feeds, rewinds, and quick save / load. , essential to take full advantage of your activities. some of the most awesome Genesis games out there. Landstalker is much better when you can go back every time the isometric camera forces you to miss a stupid leap. (Landstalker By the way, it's still great – I found myself playing almost all the time on Switch and that's fine, aside from those quirks of the camera.)

It's these features that are often ignored when companies are rebroadcasting old games, but Sega has really nailed them here. The right joystick of the switch moves forward quickly and the left trigger is rewound. Its easy access to both functions allows you to play games on Classics of Genesis even more convenient than downloading an emulator.

Really, it's worth playing Phantasy Star IV Ready to go. This is an excellent compilation and a model of how classic games should be packaged in the future – a model that Nintendo will imitate (lol), hopefully.

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