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Genesis manufactured a mint green miniature electric car for the urban future

Genesis is not a well-known brand in the United States – there are only a hundred dealers that offer the automaker's cars – but the company is in the habit of publishing its brightest concepts at American shows. Last year, it was the Genesis Essentia, a fully electric coupe with a retro-futuristic glass bubble roof. This year, it's the Mint concept, an electric city car with (you guessed it) a fresh paint job with mint.

It is a "city-dweller" destined to sneak into the narrow lanes and dense traffic of crowded urban centers. The two-seater and two-door vehicle has a shortened saloon car body, but without a traditional trunk. In its place, there is a "parcel shelf" designed for occasional use. Think of a smart car with a slightly longer wheelbase.

The car debuted this week at the New York International Auto Show. There is no plan to put the Mint into production and, as such, it is more of a design exercise. The automaker did not have many details, but he noted that the car's battery could support 200 miles per charge and 350 kilowatts of fast charge.

It's the compact size that makes the Mint concept a real model. With a low roof and a wide position with big wheels and tires, it looks rather sporty. Nor does it have a visible grille, which is becoming more common for electric vehicles. When he was introduced to the auto show on Wednesday, a Genesis executive made a mistake by calling him "Mini."

Genesis calls this a "new typology of vehicle," reflecting the lack of two-door sports vehicles on the market. Of course, it is not obvious that the Mint is manufactured, either. Genesis, the luxury division of Hyundai, has teased electric vehicles for a few years now, but has not yet announced a production schedule.

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