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Genius Accuses Google by Lifting Lyrics

Google publishes the lyrics directly in the search pages and Genius claims that the search engine giant has raised the lyrics without permission. In a new report from the Wall Street newspaper, representatives of Genius said that the words "watermarked" the site appear on Google. Google officials said the company is currently investigating Genius's claims.

The Genius watermark, set around 2016, ensures that the apostrophes contained in the lyrics alternate between single marks and curly quotation marks (& 'and') in the same sequence for each song. When you convert the two types of single quotes into periods and dashes, they are spelled in "red" in Morse code.

"Over the past two years, we've been showing Google compelling evidence over and over again, displaying lyrics copied from Genius into Lyrics OneBox," said Genius' strategy director, Ben Gross, in a statement. "This is a serious problem, and Google needs to fix it."

"The words displayed in Google Search's information areas come from a variety of sources and are not extracted from websites," said a Google spokeswoman in a statement. "We take data quality and creators' rights very seriously and hold our license partners accountable for the terms of our contract. We are reviewing this issue with our data partners and if we find that the partners are not following good practices, we will terminate our agreements. "

Google claims that the results of his lyrics come from a licensing partnership with the Canadian company LyricsFind. "We do not use Genius's words," said LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantyne. the Wall Street newspaper in a report.

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