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Genius.com accuses Google of copying the lyrics of his songs

In recent years, if you type a song title into Google, you get a box containing his lyrics, as well as the usual search results. This is a useful tool, but a company specializing in song lyrics, Genius Media, says that Google has been copying their words for years in search results.

Genius exists since 2009 and describes itself as a platform "for annotating intelligent rap lyrics" and has since expanded to other types of music, as well as a place where fans of Music can annotate and discuss their favorite songs. Genius Media says Google has copied his words, according to The Wall Street Journal. The site says it has filed its complaint with the research giant for years.

In a statement to The edgeGenius strategy director Ben Gross said the company had "shown Google irrefutable evidence over and over again, saying the lyrics copied from Genius were copied into Lyrics OneBox. This is a serious problem and Google needs to fix it. "

The site used a clever trick to determine if his words were actually copied and rested: he used a series of straight and curved apostrophes alternating in the words he hosts to form a type of watermark. The conversion of the models into Morse code reveals the words "Red Handed". We contacted Google for comments, but the company told the WSJ that it licensed third-party content, LyricFind Inc., and that it was taking data quality. and the rights of creators very seriously and hold our license partners responsible for the terms of our contract. LyricFind denied taking Genius's words.

In a statement to The edge, a spokesman for Google confirmed that the information contained in the search results were licensed from different sources and indicated that the company "investigated this problem with its data partners and that if we discovered that they did not do not respect the good practices, we will put an end to our agreements ".

The complaint comes as the US Department of Justice plans to conduct an antitrust investigation against Google for its business practices and that politicians have begun to demand the dissolution of the largest technology companies.

Updated June 16 at 5:30 pm ET: Updated with a Google statement.

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