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Genius surprises Google stealing lyrics by planting Morse code message

Genius Spotify lyrics on Apple Music
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Lyric site genius reported using Morse code to collect data showing Google stole the lyrics of the site.

In a new report from the Wall Street newspaper, readers can clearly see that in 2016, Genius made some punctuation changes in his lyrics. He went from using a straight apostrophe to a curly action.

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Genius did this because "when the two types of single quotes were converted to dots and dashes used in Morse code, they spelled the words" Red Handed ".

And that's how the lyrical website caught the internet giant, well, in flagrante delicto.

Google has denied the charges, saying the words in the "information boards" come from licensed partners. However, Genius claims to have surprised Google stealing its content more than 100 times.

In other news from Genius, a few weeks ago, Hayley Williams taken to Twitter to answer Spotify regarding a problem with the song of this group, "Hard Times". According to Paramore singer, the facts "Behind The Lyrics" used during the piece are "obsolete" and the band's leadership is trying to suppress the so-called facts for about a year now.

If you do not know Spotify, at the bottom of some songs, you will have the opportunity to go "behind the lyrics" via the digital media company. genius.

While the song is playing, listeners can see "lyrics, fun facts, and artist stories." However, there have been more than a few occasions where the "facts" listed are: incorrect or just weird.

If you've already stopped dancing on "Hard Times" long enough to pay attention to Genius's "fun facts" during the song, you've probably realized they're not that much fun. According to Williams, they are also "lies" and "obsolete".

The Paramore singer turned to Twitter to try to make Spotify aware of the problem.

"@Spotify hi. It's been about a year now that the board of my group is trying to make you forget some facts … outdated … on the lyrics of our song "Hard Times". The facts are: everything is embarrassing and there was no "good side" … hence the title Hard Times. Thank you good night."

Soon after, she added:

"I love Spotify, I just do not want Folx to be subject to lies while listening to the purest and purest of pmore albums."

When a fan asked if it was really "Hayley" on Twitter, she explained a little more.

"It's really me and I still do not understand how I feel about it, if @genius just corrects the text Behind The Lyrics for" Hard Times "on @Spotify, my return to Twitter will seem entirely justified. "

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