George Conway was denied his job, jealous of his wife, says campaign director Trump


Brad Parscale, director of President Trump's 2020 election campaign, criticized George Conway on Twitter on Monday, accusing Trump's Republican and frequently critical lawyer of being "jealous" of his wife's success.

"We all know that @realDonaldTrump has denied Kellyanne Conway for a job that he was desperately looking for," Parscale said on Twitter. "He barely worked @TheJusticeDept and was fired / resigned, did not he want to be examined? Now he is hurting his wife because he is jealous of his success.POTUS does not even know him!

An email sent by Fox News to the lawyer about the alleged job was not immediately returned.

George Conway criticized Trump on Twitter and questioned the president's mental health. Earlier in the week, he had tweeted that Trump had a "pathological" lie problem.

Conway said on Monday morning that Trump's Tweets Dam this weekend – including critics of the late Sen. John McCain and "Saturday Night Live" – ​​was a "product of his pathologies" rather than "one". rational plan or strategy ".

He then retweeted a "Duty To Warn" message, which attempted to demonstrate that Trump's activities met the criteria of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


Later on Monday, Parscale attributed President Conway's criticism to a supposed resentment of not being offered a job and hurting his wife because he is "jealous" of his success.

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