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George H.W. Bush's former assistance dog, Sully, has a new job in the US Navy

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At a ceremony aired live on Facebook on Wednesday, the Yellow Labrador was appointed to the rank of military second class.

"Your appointment as a small master of the US Navy makes you inherit a long and proud tradition of leadership in the Navy," said a Navy spokeswoman at the ceremony in Bethesda, Maryland . The dog was then equipped with a new "military uniform" – a jacket representing the medical center's dog team.

Sully's Personalized Oath of Commitment: "Assert or pantate as a member of a United States Navy hospital corps to support, comfort and care for warriors and their families, on active service and Retirement ?, especially on busy days? You assume this obligation freely, without promise of treats or frictions on your stomach, and you will faithfully fulfill the duty to provide joy, love and support to our soldiers, sailors, airmen , sailors and sailors families? "

Sully joins the dog program at the medical center. Her duties will include reducing stress and improving the well-being of patients and staff.

The dog captured hearts last year after Sully's viral photo resting near President Bush's coffin at the United States Capitol.

Named in honor of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the pilot who landed safely on US Airways flight 1549 at Hudson River, New York, Sully was assigned to President Bush at his request. after the death of the former First Lady Barbara Bush.
"When we received President Bush's request, we knew we had to find a very adaptable dog, because the president traveled a lot and received a lot of visitors," said Brad Hibbard, Program Manager at the Dog Guide Foundation. The Blind / America's VetDogs, told CNN last year.
Sully spent time with former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

"We immediately thought of Sully, we knew that he was the right dog for the job, especially Mr. Bush being older and in a wheelchair." He needed a dog that would have him. would also help in his daily tasks. "

Trained by VetDogs America – a nonprofit organization that trains service dogs for disabled veterans and military veterans – to be a service dog, a therapy dog ​​and a dog -guide, Sully is able to do a number of tasks, ranging from phone to answering machine. turn on and off the lights.
"Not only is he good at picking up things, he has also helped the president by opening the doors, he knew when to ask for help from someone else and knew when Bush needed to comfort for him to put his head on his thighs, "Hibbard said.

Walter Reed's assistance dogs in Bethesda collectively work more than 200 hours a month and an average of 2,500 contacts, according to a spokesman for the establishment.

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