George Zimmerman removed from the Tinder Dating app


George Zimmerman was relaunched from the Tinder Dating app earlier this week after users lost time reporting his fake profile.

Zimmerman, who was acquitted in 2013 after the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, has been featured on the app as an independent consultant named "Carter" in search of "pleasure", according to screenshots of the current profile removed by the Creative Loafing outlet in Tampa.

"I like the outdoors, fishing, camping and hiking," read his profile. "I like adventure, not in big crowds. I also went down for a quiet night with Longhorn [Steakhouse] go out."

"Carter" included a number of personal photos in his profile, including a photo without a shirt and a snapshot of himself smiling with his arms around a Rottweiler. Another photo shows him posing in a cap and a graduation gown.

A spokesman for the Tinder app confirmed Thursday that the profile had been removed, reports the New York Post.

"At Tinder, we take the security of our users very seriously and our team has removed this profile from our platform," reads a statement from the company. "We use a network of automated, state-of-the-art tools and systems, and automated revision and revision processes – and spend millions of dollars each year – to prevent, monitor and eliminate bad actors who violate our guidelines. of the community and our terms of use since our application. "

This last incident is not the first time Zimmerman is banned from a dating app. According to the Orlando Sentinel, it was launched several times on the Bumble app, first in December, then two more times in February.

"George Zimmerman was blocked and banned in December 2018 when we discovered his profile." We blocked him and banned him again after being informed by our users that he had created a new, unverified profile, " said a spokesman for Bumble in a statement. the release earlier this year. "Thousands of moderators are working tirelessly with our users to make Bumble the safest and most empowering social networking platform, which is another example of these efforts."

Zimmerman's profile in Bumble mentions his work as a "consultant for the jury" and states that he was looking for "a mature and fun woman ready to be loved and respected as she deserves and ready to reciprocate," according to screenshots obtained by Orlando Weekly. . His profile suggested going out for "coffee and cakes" and claimed that he was often found at the dog park "with my Rottie or playing basketball," reports the outlet.

Zimmerman has also been spotted on the OKCupid app, where he calls himself "Jorge" and says his "faith" and "integrity" are very important to him, according to the Orlando Weekly. In the first game "I spend a lot of time thinking," he concluded with "how to help others".

Since the assassination of Trayvon Martin, whose death has sparked numerous protests, Zimmerman has continued to face the law. He was arrested in 2013 and 2015 for household quarrels with two different women, but both cases were eventually dropped.

In November, he did not challenge the indictment charge of criminal harassment related to the prosecution that he threatened a private investigator who had contacted him on behalf of the producers. A documentary about Trayvon Martin, reports USA Today. He was sentenced to 12 months probation and is not allowed to own a firearm during his sentence, depending on the point of sale.

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