New attempt at unification at automotive supplier Halberg Guss


NHG management challenged employees at the Saarbrücken and Leipzig sites to immediately end the three-week strike. It was "saving the Saarbrücken factory and not mbadively accelerating the unfortunately inevitable closure of the Leipzig site," he says.

The dispute concerns the planned closure of the Leipzig factory with 700 employees. 2019 and the envisaged reduction of 300 of the 1,500 jobs in Saarbrücken. Discussions on a social collective agreement failed on June 20th. Since January, NHG is part of the Prevent group, which has fought with Volkswagen several times.

In an open letter, the company's management reports that about 13,000 tons of deliveries for 2018 have already been canceled because of the strike. A quasi-secure tracking order for the US of over 200,000 engine blocks per year until 2024 will no longer be badigned to NHG. The consequences are predictable: "Every day that the strike will last, we risk the loss of these customers and therefore the loss of all jobs in Saarbrücken in the coming weeks."

The union requires a qualifying company and a trust fund to finance the NHG. The fund is intended to pay benefits if jobs are lost. "We want to work constructively on a solution, management must now move forward. We want to create a future for the new Halberg Guss GmbH," said Kurtz.

NHG management spoke of "totally unrealistic demands". The costs are nearly 700 million euros. The company could not do that "in 20 years". IG Metall had also tolerated the coercion of employees and blockade. She had "long since left the field of law and order."

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