Get ready for the 'super snow moon', the biggest supermoon of the year


A super blood moon is seen during a total lunar eclipse in Los Angeles, California on January 20, 2019. (ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images)

A "super moon of snow", the largest supermoon of the year, will shine in the skies of North Carolina on Tuesday, February 19th.

Fox News reported that the moon would rise at 17:46. Eastern Time and set at 7:35 on February 20th.

The moon will be about 221,734 miles from Earth, the full moon closest to our planet. On average, the distance from Earth to the Moon is about 238,855 miles.

Supermons occur when the orbit of the moon brings it to the nearest point of the Earth while the moon is full.

The moon will look particularly big as the horizon approaches, thanks to an optical illusion called "the illusion of the moon".

This event is known as the "Snow Super Moon" because of the heavy snowfall that usually occurs at this time of year.


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