Get to know the police figure in the viral "Pak Eko entry" video on social media


A police personality has named Eko viral on social networks thanks to his expertise in throwing sharp objects at the target. Not just a bloodkur knife, Eko is even able to launch a variety of sharp objects ranging from spoons to hoe.

The action that has been done in a spiritual style has never been doomed to failure. Most typical, he often did the action by sucking a cigarette tucked in between his hollow teeth.

When the object thrown into the target, the children behind the camera suddenly applauded, "Mr. Eko came in" compactly. Eko also celebrated by raising his thumbs to the camera and his typical smile.

Apparently, the owner of the full name Eko Hari Cahyono was a member of the police who served in the National Police Training Center in Porong, Sidoarjo, in East Java. He is known to have the ability to launch a bayonet knife.

"Indeed, he has expertise in the qualifications.While it appears in the video, it seems joking, but in reality, for such experts," said Friday Kombes Guritno Wibowo, director of the National Agency of Education and Sabhara formation.

In addition, in 1987, the Bintara graduate officer was an instructor in the field of survival and search and rescue (SAR). Eko has been devoted to Bhayangkara's body for 31 years.

He is currently working in the section Development of Education Specialists (Dikbangpes) on techniques and tactics of police functions in the Sabhara area.

"It is therefore necessary for survival to practice like this, even if the practice does not reach the saw." "He launches the saw, this is only a modification," he said. Guritno said.

Video of action to "enter Pak Eko" virally on various social media. Eko himself is very active on Instagram social media with an account called papi_eko_pusdik_sabhara_porong.

Until now, the Instagram account has 20,000 subscribers. Mr. Eko also collected 288 submissions. In several videos, the action to enter Pak Eko is still flooded with tens of thousands of "I like" and hundreds of comments.



  1. Coba kalo ada preman kabur , Pak Eko auto ngelempar KUNAI MINATO auto TELEPORT ????

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