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Getting closer to the OnePlus 5G prototype [Video]

At the MWC, we were told that we would see the first OnePlus device to include 5G connectivity. Well, that sort of thing turned out to be true because we saw a OnePlus 5G prototype device connected to a 5G network and streaming games from the Shadow cloud streaming service.

This is the secret surrounding this device in which we only had an overview of the case in which the handset is hidden. We wonder what lies beneath the white plastic sarcophagus.

It should be noted that OnePlus did not have an official booth at the MWC 2019. But like many other manufacturers using the Qualcomm X50 5G modem, they had a place on the Qualcomm dedicated booth to present the new high-speed connectivity that dominated the industry. almost all of the MWC. in 2019.

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The problem is that, although the showcase had the device available to be viewed, OnePlus keeps its cards near its chest with most of the design beyond the display.

We found a leak in the handset, potentially slider type, which could very well give us an idea of ​​the Qualcomm booth at MWC.

Even during a period when the handset seemed to have problems with overheating or loss of connection – this would happen if you played on a continuous 11-hour game loop – I also could not see a glimpse when OnePlus employees rushed to quickly reset the smartphone before putting it back in the white protective case.

This OnePlus 5G phone simply worked under Ace Combat 7, but it still managed to attract the crowds. That is the appetite for any OnePlus material, no matter how much of the details are missing.

In operation, it seemed to work well, but was not perfect. However, I will attribute this to a few variables at play that could have made things go wrong. You can see the different lag periods and beyond, the Xbox One controller lost the connection several times during the time I watched the device and the OnePlus representative playing.

OnePlus 5G Prototype

The OnePlus 5G handset was connected to the Shadow cloud gaming platform via a server in Amsterdam and appeared to have almost zero latency. Mobile games will be sold as one of the main advantages of a 5G connected system.

OnePlus has clearly understood the potential that internal hardware compensation for connection could potentially save money on real mobile hardware. We still expect future devices to include leading specifications.

The game's streaming platform simply acts as a bridge between the OnePlus handset and a much more powerful gaming platform that does all the grunt work and graphics processing. Android games would be relegated to the rank of mere outlets if you really wanted mobile games. It could also be the ultimate link between your Steam Static Library and your mobile device, thanks to very high speed and low latency connections.

You could argue that this is currently possible with 4G connections and networks. But, although this is currently possible, there is a distinct degradation in quality and 4G networks being much more unequal than could be the 5G networks, this could constitute a huge growth area for I & # 39; mobile gaming space. That said, the Shadow service was designed to work on existing 4G networks. Do we really need 5G for it to work on current devices? Maybe not.

OnePlus 5G device

We know some of the internal specifications of this handset because we know for sure that it uses the Snapdragon 855 chipset and the Qualcomm X50 5G modem. Beyond that, other specifications remain a mystery.

It will be interesting for OnePlus to choose to get into the phone game, with partnerships with streaming platforms such as Shadow, once this device is finally unveiled. Previously, the CEO of OnePlus had confirmed that this device would probably cost $ 200 or $ 300 more than a 4G variant. Are you ready to pay extra for connecting to a network that does not exist? Personally, I'm not sure I can do it.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have questions or are excited about the upcoming 5G OnePlus.

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