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& # 39; The Potomac Real Housewives: The Rainbow Shower & # 39; Monique Samuels & # 39; and the meaning behind

Monique Samuels launched a rainbow shower, instead of a baby shower, so that everyone could celebrate the new life that was growing in her. She also finally received a long-awaited apology from her mother-in-law, Shirley, after not talking to her for two years. What is the meaning of a rainbow shower?

Monique Samuels rainbow shower
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What's a rainbow baby?

A rainbow baby is a baby born after a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death. It's called a baby rainbow because it means a rainbow after the storm or something beautiful after a dark and scary situation. If a mother is pregnant after losing a child, she takes a rainbow shower rather than a baby shower. The term has recently become popular on social media and it symbolizes healing and hope.

Although rainbow babies help parents heal after a loss, sometimes the pregnancy makes an angry woman fall, or they feel incredibly anxious or guilty. It can be difficult to experience conflicting emotions by honoring the deceased child and preparing for a new child. This is why rainbow pregnant mothers often talk with others about healing.

The rainbow shower by Monique Samuels

Gizelle Bryant did not attend Monique's rainbow shower because her daughter, Angel, was sick. Robyn Dixon did not show up either, probably because she's trying to finish redeveloping a house that she wants to sell. However, Karen Huger, Ashley Darby and Candaice Dillard came with their husbands to support Monique on an important day for her.

Although Ashley and Monique had a verbal confrontation last year, they are friends again and Ashley feels that his energy is positive. Karen said that the rain shower puts everything in perspective because of the losses suffered by the group.

Monique has not seen her stepmother, Shirley Samuels, for two years because the last time they spoke, she was rude to Monique and called her. She attended the rainbow shower and apologized publicly to Monique for the way she had treated him before.

Monique gave a speech about her rainbow shower and what it means. She admitted not having to deal with her miscarriage until she was pregnant again. Monique finished her speech by releasing several doves, in homage to the dead babies. She then opened the floor to anyone who also wanted to share her story.

Ashley told participants at the rainbow shower that while she was happy for Monique, she could not help but think of the baby that she had miscarried. Michael also struggled with his emotions as he collapsed at the table and departed. Candaice later told Gizelle about Ashley's rainbow shower and said that Ashley cried and lied while trying to get a baby.

Other celebrities who had rainbow babies

In 2013, Beyonce had a miscarriage and wrote a song about it called "Heartbeat". She has since had three children, Rumi, Sir, two years old, and Blue Ivy, two years old.

Mariah Carey admitted to having a miscarriage with her husband Nick Cannon. The two welcome twins, Moroccan and Monroe, shortly after.

Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn Lowry, had a miscarriage after her second child. She has since given birth to a son, Lux Russell.

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