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5 common problems and fixes from the Mac App Store

  Missing Store Purchases

Missing Store Purchases

The reasons that an application you purchased will not appear in your Purchased screen are as follows: [19659004] a) Apple has deleted the application because it b) The developer is not interested in the sale of the application.

c) The App Store can hide an application automatically if you have not installed it for long time or if it has compatibility issues.

To view these apps, open the App Store, tap Store> View My Account. Sign in and scroll down to the Account Information page, find the Hidden Items section and tap Manage. Now, tap View for each app you want to view.

  Applications Appear Incorrectly as Installed

Apps Appear Incorrectly as Installed

Sometimes the store indicates that a particular application is installed and does not allow it. download it. The reasons are as follows:

a) Problem with Cache Folder

You can solve this problem by manually clearing the cache folder after making sure that you have backed up your Mac.

b) Beta Applications on Other Drives

This usually occurs due to the presence of a beta version of MacOS on another partition or an external drive.

You can solve this problem, open the Apple menu, choose System Preferences, choose Spotlight on the entry and go to the Privacy tab. Click More Down, add Macintosh HD (or whatever your name is) to the list and close the System Preferences window. Return to the Privacy tab and click the minus sign to remove the Macintosh HD

c) Application Updates on Other User Accounts

This problem may appear if you use a shared computer with another user account. 19659018] Updates or downloads of blocked applications ” title=”” class=”sliderImg image_listical”/>

Updates or downloads of blocked applications

In some cases, when you update an existing application or install a new application, you can see a wait or an installation. Calculate the message just below the download progress bar.

You can solve this by using one of the following methods:

a) Delete the cache folder

b) Delete the contents of the Updates folder

c) Kill the guilty App Store deals [19659004] d) Delete the preferences file

  Page of the empty App Store

Page of the empty App Store

The main causes of the message "Unable to connect to the "App Store" and the steps you can take to solve them:

a) Check your Internet connection by opening the Apple menu and then go to System Preferences. Choose the Network element and make sure there is a green icon next to the network.

b) It is possible that the problem is not on your side, you can check the status page of the Apple system to view information on the status of Apple services as iCloud, App Store and more. If a service has a red icon next to it, it means that it is down.

c) If the message appears while all the lights are green, you can choose Store> Logout and then exit the App Store. You can now restart the application and log in again.

  Errors during the purchase of applications

Errors during the purchase of applications

The message "Unable to make your purchase: Unknown error" appears when you update MacOs or use multiple Apple IDs. To resolve this issue, you can visit both App Store and iTunes, and then make sure that you use the same Apple IDs in both applications. If you are using multiple IDs, disconnect applications, exit and reconnect with a single Apple ID.

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