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Arrests of armed robbers – Congratulations to the Ghanaian police

Five Nigerian armed robbers arrested - photo credit: Ghana mediaFive Nigerian armed robbers arrested – photo credit: Ghana media

The recent arrest of some Nigerians involved in an armed robbery in Ghana is an assurance that Ghana's security has improved rapidly. In fact, it is time for Ghanaians to gain a lot of confidence in the Ghanaian police, instead of the negative perceptions that undermine their work.

There are many reasons why Nigerian armed robbers have chosen Ghana as a hunting ground. First, Ghanaians are friendly people, secondly, the country is not overcrowded like Nigeria and, finally, Ghanaians do not lynch or burn living armed robbers like Nigerians.

The instant brutal justice, experienced daily by armed robbers, in the hands of angry mobs in Nigeria, is so barbaric that Nigerian armed thieves now believe that Ghana is the ideal place to operate.

In all countries, including Ghana, criminals, including Ghanaians, have been involved in criminal activities both at home and abroad, but Nigerian nationals continue to make headlines. with serious criminal activities around the world.

In Italy, a man of Nigerian descent, Emmanuel Egah, was arrested by the Italian judicial police (Carabinieri) for attempted murder. After an argument with his wife, he threw her out the window and, after a brief chase in the streets of the Barriera neighborhood, he was arrested.

During the search, the carabineros found over 250 grams of marijuana, two cocaine and shells of sharp substances in the house. Around the world, where there are Africans in prison, the largest percentage of prisoners are Nigerians.

This shows that, based on the novel by the great Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe, "Things Fall Apart," things are falling apart in this country where the center can not contain the people.

In Belgium, a few years ago, many Nigerians who claimed to love some white women were able to trick them into getting big loans from the bank, then fled to Nigeria, leaving poor women in debt. they are not responsible.

With great confidence, I can say that about three decades ago, Ghana did not know about armed robbery. Due to the free movement of the Economic Community of West African States, Ghana has become a fertile ground for armed robbers mainly from Nigeria. recruit Ghanaians into their harmful activities.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the efforts made by the Ghanaian security and police forces to apprehend these ruthless people. This is something good for the Ghanaian government.

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