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Brutal handling of naira notes attracts prison – CBN

By Dayo Johnson

A KURE – Nigeria's central bank, CBN, warned traders in the country yesterday against brutal notes of manipulation naira, saying that "the law guiding the notes still lingering "

The Deputy Director of the Monetary Operations Department of the NCB, Benedict Maduagwu, gave warning, to Akure, during a sensitization program for the men's market and women as well as young people on how

Maduagwu said: "The federal government uses taxpayer money to print the naira tickets, so, it is unfair that we are handling the notes With Brutality

"If you continue to mess up the naira notes, there will not be much money for commercial banks to give as loans to your customers and this will affect our economy.

"Do not squeeze the naira notes; Do not write on the notes. Anyone selling naira tickets is an enemy of Nigeria. "

On the shortage of smaller denomination outstanding, the CBN boss revealed that the apex bank would soon come to the state to sell smaller notes directly to the market." He said: "We want to call on commercial banks to load the smallest denomination into their ATMs to end the shortage of smaller denomination in the country."

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