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FINAL FANTASY XIV: the latest addition "Shadowbringers" can be played from July 2 – GAMEtainment

SQUARE ENIX announces that the third extension of the MMORPG, critically acclaimed, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadow Holder, published on July 2, 2019. Pre-orders can be made from February 6, 2019.

This news was announced following the keynote address by producer and director Naoki Yoshida, which marked the beginning of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fans' festivals in Paris on February 2nd and 3rd paved the way. In addition, a wealth of information on the content of the future expansion was presented.

During the presentation was an extended version of the Bringers shadowTrailer, in which, in addition to breathtaking scenes, the release date has been revealed.

Here is the trailer:

The first new job for the Bringers shadowThe extension is "Revolver Blade" – a warrior in the role of the defender who uses a weapon of the same name.

Here is a video for the "revolver blade":

In addition to this revelation, a new playable nation has been announced – the "Viera", a people to the long-eared and canine fleet of the world of Ivalice and FINAL FANTASY XII are known.

New people "Viera":

"YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse" was unveiled as a successor to the Alliance series for the return of "Return to Ivalice" – content created in collaboration with special guest developers, Yosuke Saito (producer Square Enix) and YOKO TARO (designer of play), which created the Development of DenySeries.

4 - FINAL FANTASY XIV: Latest addition

A complete list of new content announced in Paris is given below:

  • New job – The "revolver blade" – master of the eponymous weapon.
  • New playable people – The "Viera", guardian of the forest resembling a hare.
  • NPC Koop – A brand new system that allows players to attack instanced dungeons in Shadowbringers as well as known NPCs (with the exception of dungeons that require more than four party members).
  • Raid of the new alliance – "YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse" – the inventive genius of the famous creators of Deny, Yosuke Saito and Yoko Taro.
  • New domains – Il Mheg – a lush and impressive valley and the great forest of Rak Tika – a vast forest of vast ancient conifers.

Trailer Il Mheg:

Rak & # 39; tika Forest Trailer:

  • New Wild Tribe and Primae – The Pixies and their all-powerful queen, Titania.

In addition to information on game content, SQUARE ENIX has introduced the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadow Holder Collector's Edition. Pre-orders via the SQUARE ENIX Store can be made from 6 February. The collector's edition includes:

  • Bringers shadow Special box – A unique silver wrapper adorned with an illustration of the famous FINAL FANTASY artist, Yoshitaka Amano.
  • the figure of Dark Knight – An impressive and high quality figure representing the Dark Warrior under the name Dark Warrior.
  • Shadowbringers-artbook – An artbook filled with many illustrations and concept drawings created during the development of the extension.
  • Shadowbringers-Logo sticker – A reusable vinyl sticker in the design of the Bringers shadowLogos.
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV card game – A deck of cards with a series of illustrations of A reborn kingdom up & # 39; to Bringers shadow,
  • Set up in the game: Grani – Climb on the dreaded Grani and let any enemy on your way freeze in fear. Be careful when you climb on this beautiful bristling beast.
  • Companion in the game: Fran doll – Take Fran in the air, on land or under water. Whatever you suggest as a destination for your next trip, it's all ears.
  • Gun for the revolver blade in the game: "Revolver" – Squalls revolver cult blade has proven itself in FFXIV as an exclusive weapon for these same fighters. Go to battle with her … or not. It does not matter.

1 - FINAL FANTASY XIV: Latest addition

Pre-orders for Bringers shadow are on the SQUARE ENIX Store available from February 6th. Pre-orders will also receive the following digital game items, which will be delivered at 9 am, Central European Time, on March 1, 2019:

  • Companion in the game: Baby Gremlin – There's nothing like traveling through unfamiliar lands while a baby gremlin bites your heels and insults you at every turn.
  • √Ątheryten earrings – An earring inspired by the types of ether that we find in every city in the country. Gives 30% extra routine up to level 70 when worn.
  • Early Access – Early access allows users to Bringers shadow from June 28th1 to play a few days before the official release!

Since digital game objects are delivered before publication, whoever Bringers shadow Pre-ordered to use the etheric earloop to bring his classes to level 70 before his launch on July 2nd.

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As an additional surprise, Yoshida revealed that the FINAL FANTASY XIV online Starter Edition for PC – including 30 free days of recreation – for all Twitch Prime members2 from February 4, 2019 to May 3, 2019 free of charge.

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