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FISHING: SEA BARENTS – Announcement of Unlocking Full Console with Fishing: North Atlantic

Astragon Entertainment and Developer Misc Games have announced that the legendary fishing and fishing simulation, Fishing: Barents Sea, would be available later in the year for Complete Edition consoles, with DLC "Line and Net Ships" and, later, "King Crab". will appear. First, the players of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are sailing, then friends of the Nintendo Switch.

The Norwegian development team is also working on a successor, "Fishing: The North Atlantic," to provide more fishing opportunities to players. The release should be made a few months later.

In the game Fishing: Barents – Complete Edition, the player begins his career as a novice in fishing. He inherits from his grandfather a small but reliable fishing vessel called Børge. From there it is important to identify the best fishing areas with the most lucrative fish species, to master different fishing methods, to observe the fish prices and to use them for your own benefit, using the radar and, later, the Scanmar approved fishing system.

If the hard-working fisherman manages to increase his yield, he can climb the ladder to the largest of all the ships of the game, the licensed trawler Hermes. He also focuses on the capture of majestic king crabs and invests in the powerful Svalbard, which has large crab cages and a powerful crane to collect them.

Whichever path the future fur seal has chosen: the intuitive and perfectly adapted to the needs of the player controller control ensures that the game Fishing: Barents Sea Complete Edition is also present on console for an atmospheric simulation experiment and immersive.

Once the virtual fishermen have achieved everything that they had planned for the Barents Sea, they can embark on a trip to the North Atlantic in a few months. The next installment of the series, Fishing: North Atlantic, will not only play, as its name suggests, in a completely new environment, but will also offer many other features and innovations that any angler should be more than eager to see . ,

Fishing: Barents Sea – Complete Edition will be available for digital download for Xbox One in the Xbox Games Store from 2019, for PlayStation®4 in the PlayStation® Store and soon for Nintendo Switch ™ in the Nintendo eShop. The King Crab DLC will be available as a free download at a later date. The exact release date will be announced. Fishing: Barents Sea for PC is already available in digital download and in store.

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