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Google Translate delivered "Welsh scummy" translations – with SERIOUS consequences

Google Translate delivered "scummy Welsh" translations, with serious consequences.

A new report from BBC Radio Wales revealed that the translation service has been serving incorrect Welsh translations since 2009, and many have even slipped into public documents and signs.

Google Translate is an automatic translator, which uses Welsh translation examples online to develop its service.

But many users have noticed that the service spreads nonsense when asked for translations into Welsh

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Several users have noticed that the service spewed nonsense when asked for Welsh translations

According to the BBC report, there is even name for weird translations – "Scummy Welsh."

And some companies looking to save money on the appropriate translators have even made the mistake of using Google Translate.

This led to the "Welsh scummy" slipping into public documents "

For example, a panel entitled" Blasting in Progress "was translated to" Gweithwyr yn ffrwydro ".

In English, it means "exp loding. & # 39;

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Speaking to the BBC, Ben Screen, a translator working for the NHS, said: "There is so much translation in the public sector, people used Google Translate all the time for their documents and websites and the signs in particular and they were wrong. "

In response to the results, Google urges users to exercise caution when using Google Translate. the director of engineering who ran the Welsh Google Translation service said: "You should use it when you need to communicate and understand and you have a reasonable tolerance for errors."

"I would not use it for high stakes today, legal contracts, life and death issues."

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