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Honorary Vice President as Digital Leader of the Year

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His Excellency Mr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, will be the recipient of the prestigious DIGITAL LEADER OF THE YEAR AWARD Awardth Ghana's Information Technology and Telecommunications Award (GITTA) 2019, who will be held at the Mövenpick plush The Ambassador Hotel, Accra, Ghana, June 28th, 2019 at 18h.

This award recognizes the Vice President's bold innovations, leadership in digitization and automation, and the promotion of a profitable and sustainable economy.

This honor also recognizes the promotion of Dr.Bawumia and enhanced digitization in the most enviable way; The paperless port, the digital address system, the interoperability of mobile money, to name a few, are the result of an ingenious management system.

His Excellency the Vice President will publicly receive a specially designed trophy and a certificate for outstanding leadership that has transformed Ghana's digital landscape.

2019 GITTA will reward and recognize not only the products and innovations that drive the ICT and telecom sector, but also the companies and people who make the industry strong. The awards are open to all stakeholders and stakeholders in the ICT ecosystem.

GITTA is the most famous ICT award, which has become the "Oscars" of the ICT and telecom industry, attracting the cream of the crop and leading industry decision-makers.

Mr. Akin Naphtal, CEO of Instinct Wave, congratulated and congratulated the Vice President for his zeal and Commitment to digitization program, one of the major components of the government's move to move Ghana beyond aid.

"We are very pleased and proud to have a very zealous vice president for the ICT sector and his commitment to drive the digitization program. increasing public revenue and facilitating business in Ghana deserves to be imitated. He has proven that the government's program to digitize Ghana's economy is a success. "

The awards ceremony offers stakeholders an exceptional opportunity to network, entertain customers, strengthen relationships with their partners and reward staff with outstanding performance.


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