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Nigeria: Breast cancer: With one million Nigerians, 333 Nigerian women can be saved every year

Are you a philanthropic organization? An intervener in cancer care and support,? Even if you do not, do you know that with a donation of 1 million naira a year, you can save the lives of 333 Nigerian women with breast cancer.

This is the latest initiative of a non-governmental organization, Cope. Organization. Public Enlightenment, COPE, labeled: "Wall of Fame", a campaign that targets corporate organizations, philanthropists to involve in the early diagnosis of breast cancer nationwide

COPE, is the the first cancer awareness organization created 23 years ago. the cause of women with breast cancer contributes to reducing breast cancer mortality by providing information and services to fight the disease and make treatment affordable.

According to statistics from cancerindex.org, breast cancers and unfortunately, many Nigerian women have lost their lives due to late submissions, misdiagnosis and lack of medical care. access to quality treatment.

Wall of Fame by Good Health Weekly revealed that hope was on the horizon for Nigerian women if the benefits targeted to be achieved by the campaign against the disease business

A first time on the Wall of Fame will conclude that it was an art gallery since the logos of the companies that bought the program were presented in an elegant way. But on the contrary, it was designed to offer hope and bring the country closer to reducing breast cancer deaths.

The Wall of Fame visibly posted what they termed "TheBig10 Sponsors" Fighting Breast Cancer as Corporate Social Responsibility

Results show that the Wall of Fame is strictly designed to control cancer deaths, ensure early detection and increase patients' chances of survival. Ms. Ebun Anozie, Executive Director of COPE, said that an annual contribution of 1 million N by a company or organization can make a positive difference in the lives of 333 Nigerian women at an individual cost of 3,000 N per year. breast ultrasound screening. 19659012] As part of the Wall of Fame campaign, staff members and clients will be the beneficiaries, women will also have the opportunity to get screened, regardless of their location and socio-economic For Anozie, with l & # 39; initiative, the perception that cancer is a center of death will be a thing of the past because early detection gives a better chance of surviving breast cancer and is also less expensive.

the efficiency is assured. It will also facilitate large networks of partners and experts in the fight against cancer at the national level. It will also help develop standards and tools to guide the planning and implementation of prevention, early diagnosis, screening, treatment and palliative care interventions, "she explained. purchase vouchers to be used by clients, there are also female staff of the bank who can also use the coupon for its screening. This does not necessarily mean that a client must have breast cancer before the voucher is given to him as a thank-you gift.

In addition, Anozie stated that she dreamed of sifting through the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer.

List of some of the companies involved in the initiative: Skye Bank, Access Bank, Citi Bank, Variant Advisory, Union Bank Plc. and Lagos State. The Agency of Signage and Advertising (LASAA), she also appealed to more companies to associate and associate with COPE to sow in the lives of people who do business with them.

"If they are not alive and healthy I can not do business with you, it's just the essence, but they're alive and in good health, they can do business with you, so a N3 000 token to your client is nothing compared to what people have invested in your own organization. "

" For Nigeri People who are not Likely to sponsor companies or lucky organizations can benefit from COPE every first Saturday of the month's breast ultrasound.For a good 16 years we did it for free for women.I believe that if I can I buy aseobi, I can afford an ultrasound with just N1, 000 and have my breast examined. "

She further called for the inclusion of breast self-examination in the schools program as part of efforts "

" The breast self-examination should be done a week after the end of a girl's menstruation so that, if something unusual happens, one can easily see her and consult a doctor.

Deploring the high cost of drugs, she said, "I also appeal to pharmaceutical organizations to reduce the cost of breast cancer drugs because some drugs cost up to 700,000 N and the patient

The diagnosis of cancer remains a family experience that could change the lives of all members of a family, a disease known to bring immense stress and many difficult situations. Diagnosed, the daily routine, the joint activities and the division of tasks in a family will automatically take a different turn, many Nigerian families are suffering a lot today due to the devastating impact of the disease. 19659019] Unfortunately, as advances in treatment have changed the course of cancer, it is much easier to offer hope to patients at the time of diagnosis, even in smaller neighboring countries like Ghana. in Nigeria. Treatments are hampered due to the lack of diagnostic equipment for proper management, the unavailability of comprehensive cancer centers and the financial incapacity of affected families.

However, health observers believe that would increase the political commitment to prevention and control of accessibility to screening, thereby preventing the deaths of women

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