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NPP engages in the policy of disappointment – Leader of the minority | Policy

Haruna Iddrisu, leader of minorities in parliament, said the government was engaging in a misleading policy by announcing things whose traces can not be found on the ground.

He said that the recent announcement by the government of a release of one million dollars to each of 275 constituencies in the country could not be justified, because nothing on the ground was proof of the use of this money. .

Iddrisu reported this to Tamale on Thursday by submitting his nomination forms and a draft of the 20,000-GHS banker to the leaders of the Tamale South constituency of the National Democratic Congress, thus meeting the requirements for participating in the party's next primaries. In the region.

He was the only member of the NDC to have demanded the parliamentary primaries in the constituency.

Mr. Iddrisu said: "We call for an end to the deceptive policy of the NPP", which calls for the optimization of resources with regard to the disbursement of the million dollars per constituency fund .

He said that "Ghanaians are increasingly losing their trust in the Akufo-Addo-led party-president government because it has not been able to fulfill its promises and promises. his promises to the people, which led to a loss of confidence in the government, is not what he promised the people. "

Mr. Iddrisu also asked the government to clarify its "One District – One Factory" (1D1F) policy, asking: "Is it a government funded initiative, or is it co-funded by the government with the private sector or is it a private sector led initiative?

He said that the current situation in which existing companies were selected and qualified as 1D1F companies was unfair compared to the promise made by the plant during its opposition.

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