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Preparing for marriage, not marriage – Kevin-Annan

General News of Friday, July 19th, 2019

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PUC Advisor Amos Kevin-Annan, Advisor, Pentecost University College

Brother Amos Kevin-Annan, deputy director of the Ministry of Youth of the Pentecost Church and advisor to the University College of Pentecost (PUC), urged young Christians, especially young couples, to redouble their faith. "A marriage for life" rather than a "one-day marriage" efforts.

He stated this at the first Singles Summit organized by Achimota's Central English Assembly on Saturday, July 13, 2019 in the Achimota Central Assembly Auditorium.

Speaking on the theme: "Foundations of Marriage," Mr. Kevin-Annan said, "Every marriage goes through a series of crises, whether its foundation is meticulously laid or randomly set."

Reading in Matthew 7: 24-27, he explained that the foundations laid by both the wise and the foolish man were all facing the same crisis, but that the basics of the wise man were resisting Test of time while those of the foolish man perished.

While acting on the foundations of marriage, Mr. Kevin-Annan explained that as Christians, the foundations of marriage must be grounded without compromise on the infallible word of God.

"Marriage is a school where you start with your certificate in hand; success or failure depends on the foundation on which you are asking, "he added.

The deputy director of youth said: "Celibacy is a time that people must use to discover themselves, but the young people of this generation want to avoid this step because most of them are looking forward to it. to live a romantic relationship ".

"Many people have focused their lives on relationships at the expense of discovering their purpose. Life is greater than relationships, so try to find your purpose in life before considering relationships, "he said.

Mr. Kevin-Annan further stated that: "Any foundation that lacks spiritual discipline, healthy commitments and good conflict resolution skills is doomed to failure"

He added: "A woman is not obliged to cook for a man with whom she is in a relationship. If it does, it should be done as an act of charity and not of compulsion. "

"It is not fair for a man to buy the wedding dress of his alleged wife, because it is the responsibility of his father. Again, it is unfair that the groom buys the ring that the bride will put on her hand as a token of her love for him. The woman has to prove her love by also buying her future husband's ring, "said Kevin-Annan.

He advised single women to help men spend according to their means to avoid unnecessary debts after the wedding ceremony.

Mr. Kevin-Annan advised singles to take the time to build a wedding because love requires a lot of work and diligence. "Marriage does not necessarily bring happiness; it is also not the cure for infidelity. Only the fear of God produces faithful husbands and virtuous women, "he said.

The Summit was organized to equip singles in the Church with divine principles and teachings on marriage and family life, to help them build a strong foundation for their marriage and family to transform and possess the nations to the glory of God.

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