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Review of a $ 100 counterfeit iPhone X / Boing Boing

The motherboard has reviewed a "device that looks like an iPhone but is actually an Android that has been redesigned from top to bottom to look as much as possible to an iPhone … the phone is also responsible for backdoors and malicious applications. "

Once I started to try some of the newer and advanced features of Apple, things started to go wrong. The graphical interface of Siri has been recreated, but it does not really work. My favorite thing about the phone is its "Face ID" system. I clicked on Face ID in the settings menu, clicked on "Add Face ID", and was hilariously bounced off the camera, which managed to draw a green box around my face. He said "Face Added", and closed. I was then able to unlock the phone with my face. There was literally someone else who was putting his face in front of the phone.

One more click betrayed the phone's software: the keyboard is clearly an Android keyboard; When the App Store was crashed, I received a message stating that the "Google Play Store" had malfunctioned. The "Weather" app is just Yahoo! Weather. The health app is a third-party thing that asked me to click on the cartoon avatars by selecting whether I was a "boy or a girl". The "Podcasts" app just opens YouTube. Apple Maps opens Google Maps.

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