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Sun in a pill – Euro Weekly News Spain

MONDAY MORNING: So blue monday.
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APPARENTLY was named today Blue Monday. There is a week to pay and it is the depth of winter. Christmas has passed and the summer holidays are so far away that it is a mirage. So blue monday is.

What thought brought out a short press story. Sales of vitamins, minerals and supplements in the UK reached 442 million pounds in 2018. Nearly half a billion pounds is not an average sum.

I realize that the UK economy is doing better than many and that, despite everything, the trend seems to be positive, even wages are rising. So why do so many people need a boost? Sun or rather the lack of it.

— Publicity —

The use of vitamin D is the fastest growing vitamin supplement in the UK. While retail sales are generally under pressure, the country's main street stores are struggling to compete against each other, but also new sales channels. Internet turbo charged what was called sales by "correspondence", while the growing interest in the experiments finds an unexpected expression.

The UK is even more interested in traveling and will cross the planet one way or another for a new experience. Shopping as a leisure activity is less attractive than a week-long experience in the Maldives or a weekend in Madrid and a day or three in the Prado galleries. Health, personal health and well-being are paramount.

Yes, we are in January and the gyms are full of people who took the New Year's resolutions. Although many of them joined a gym, they also started to change their eating habits. Some stores talk about veganism in such an evangelical way, suggesting that they're not entirely for-profit or serving the latest fashions.

Why vitamin D? This vitamin is known as "sunbeam in a bottle". It is said that if you have enough in your body, you will be better able to hold the blues, Monday or otherwise, even your bones will be strengthened. Snake oil? Perhaps, but seems to be a good idea in the depths of winter under the low clouds of Britain.

Vitamin D, with its many claimed benefits, is now well established and is among the top five most popular vitamin supplements. Vitamin C in second place with B complex and vitamins A and E lag behind.

In the past year, six out of ten Britons have been taking vitamin supplements nearly a third of them every day. Only a quarter of the population has ever taken a vitamin supplement. With an annual growth of six percent in the vitamin supplement market, it seems that the UK is on a new path.

Of course, cod liver oil is still used as a general tonic or dietary supplement, although the convenience of a sun pill has some "immediate" appeal. Rather than retail (shopping), health and well-being are the order of the day.

The population as a whole seems to be getting on the right track, tweaking their diet and not just jogging for their health. The Tikka Marsala chicken may have had its time.

Nick Horne, London, England.

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