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"We must Joselyn Dumas" – The organizers of the 3Music Awards admit – Celebrities


The organizers of the Annual 3Music Awards have admitted to being the actress and host of TV / Radio, Joselyn Dumas.

This happens after Wednesday afternoon Twitter rancid "Keeping It Real with Joselyn Dumas" show the host.

In the diatribe, she revealed that she has not yet received payment from her welcoming concert at the first edition of the awards ceremony held on March 24 at Fantasy Dome, Accra International Trade Fair Center.

"Dear @ 3musicAwards when you hire the service of a talent and you agree on a payment, you honor your end of the bargain as I have honored mine. … nobody works for free, " she tweeted.

She added: "We can not even support ours … yet we sit down and are quick to point fingers and judge particularly women artists in Ghana." When you work, you are supposed to be paid! This cycle of using talent and non-payment must stop @ 3musicawards. "

Reacting to this, Sadiq Abdulai Abu, the founder of the reward system, admitted to having to 39; actress.

Sadiq told Pulse.com .gh in an exclusive interview that his payment was delayed due to the difficulty in accessing sponsor funds.

"Yes, we must Joselyn Dumas," He told Pulse.com.gh adding that "We are still collecting funds from sponsors.You know, it takes time to access to sponsor funds, from which the delay. "

He ensured the direction of Joselyn Dumas to settle the debt at the end of this month (July).

Joselyn Dumas the year ceremony with the owner of the Black Avenue label Muzik, D-Black.

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