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What an American website has written about Ghana's DJ Switch | General entertainment

Erica Armah Bra-Bulu Tandoh, known as DJ Switch in showbiz, undoubtedly gains in importance as she continues to break the boundaries.

Not so long ago, the girl participated in the World Bank Symposium on African Societies in Washington DC, where she presented an excellent show to the audience.

DJ Switch has astonished audiences with captivating performances, as well as insights on topics discussed at seminars abroad, including billionaire Bill Gates at his New York for GoalKeepers 2018, Wyclef Jean, winner of A Grammy Award at the New York Room To Read Gala and wife of Canada's Prime Minister Sophie Grégoire Trudeau at the Women Deliver Summit in Vancouver, Canada.

Here is an article about DJ Switch published by the American news site CNBN. This article was published on June 15, 2019

Meet the 11-year-old DJ who caught the attention of Jay-Z and Bill and Melinda Gates

Erica Armah Bra-Bulu Tandoh is a DJ who performs around the world. She shared the stage with famous musicians and played for billionaires.

She is also 11 years old. Originally from Ghana, known as "DJ Switch" – because she says that she can change someone's mood from sad to happy – her love of music is became a serious hobby at the age of 9.

Tandoh tells CNBC Make It that at the time she was passionate about poetry and planned to do spoken poetry on a popular TV show called "Talented Kidz" on Ghana's TV3 channel. But her parents encouraged her to consider something more "extraordinary" for her appearance in the series, so she decided to focus on music. His parents introduced him to a DJ who taught him how to use turntables and mix songs.

"They hired a DJ to train me," says Tandoh, "and by grace, I used five days to learn how to play the DJ, and then I auditioned.

Tandoh participated and won season 8 of the show, broadcast in 2017. She received a cash prize of 10,000 cedi Ghanaians (about 1,800 US dollars). "I felt happy playing in front of an audience and a crowd", is now 11 years old. said. "I did not feel shy and I wanted to do my best."

Tandoh's victory has earned him great popularity, both locally and internationally. In 2018, she became the youngest person to win the "Discovery of the Year" award at the Ghana DJ Awards. In the same year, she attracted the attention of billionaire philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates, who invited her to perform and speak at the Guardians of the Founders event in New York, which brings together world leaders to discuss the fight against poverty and inequality.

"They sent me an email," she says. "It was so fantastic to DJ and get people dancing."

Earlier this year, Tandoh's platinum-disc skills were recognized by Jay-Z's entertainment company, Roc Nation, who highlighted the DJ's talent on their social media pages for Black History month. In May, she played with award winning Grammy artist Wyclef Jean at a gala in New York for the nonprofit Room to Read Association.

While Tandoh has met many fans as a DJ, including more than 48,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, more than 200,000 followers on Instagram and more than 14,000 subscribers on Twitter, the 11-year-old says her ultimate goal is a doctor.

"I want to be a gynecologist," she said, "to help women in my community facilitate childbirth."

She also wants to help improve the educational opportunities of young girls around the world, which she focuses on through her DJ Switch Foundation. According to the Global Partnership for Education, an estimated 131 million girls in the world do not attend school due to financial barriers and gender-based discrimination.

Tandoh, who visited hospitals, orphanages and local schools in Ghana to donate supplies, said she found it "heartbreaking to see schools not having chairs to sit down -" So use the DJ Switch Foundation to help. "

Whether as a DJ or doctor – or whatever the future of the future – Tandoh's top priority is to inspire young people, especially girls.

"You are not too young to realize your dreams, no matter what situation you are in, the situation or its environment," she says. "Whether you are old or young, consider yourself a great person, because you can achieve everything."

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