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Why do not Ghanaians want others? – Fella Makafui quiz

Fella Makafui

The actress Fella Makafui has expressed concern that Ghanaians like to see their colleagues fail how much.

The actress has been suffering for some time from several attacks, simply because she continues to win at what She did.

People said that she sleeps with men for what she has and that she goes everywhere to preach hard work. Just a blanket to paint a image she's own.

But in a post on Instagram expressing her concern that people do not want others in Ghana, Fella said "So I was thinking of something this morning and I want humbly ask my followers ... .. why do people like to hear negative stories about you and when POSITIVES life stories around, they become so crazy all of a sudden telling you to keep your business private blah blah blah why can not you rejoice when you see people doing well as you rejoice ove r their negative stories ?? ??? I want to know. "

The actress launched in a couple of weeks two companies although her wine store whose closure has become topical has still not been reopened as promised.