Ghost residents of Heboh Kabar in Balikpapan


The news of the appearance of my ghost has made a scene for the citizens of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. There are video recordings of residents surrounding a house while highlighting with the help of a flashlight.

The police traced this incident. They requested information from witnesses and community leaders about the location of the viral video at Gunung Empat, Margo Mulyo, East Kalimantan.

A resident by the name of Pak Gan said that the video broadcast only caused a stir. He declared the appearance of my ghost that can not be verified.

"The news on the queries are all hoaxes." "There really is, it can certainly be proven." It only complicates things, the widespread news is a lie, all on Facebook all that. 39, there is, meet me. -Hoax, do not make the public Margo Mulyo nervous, "said Pak Gan, Friday (21/09/2018).

With Mr. Gan, there is a man wearing a shirt and a hat. The man who claimed to be a volunteer also stated the question of the appearance of my ghost that had never been proven.

"As a volunteer citizen in Margo Mulyo, I confirmed that the information on Facebook was a lie because it had never been proven that there had been anything that had been told, "police reported. After requesting information from residents and community leaders, information on the ghost of a quota was declared a hoax.

"The sooner we checked in the field, they were witnesses who saw nothing directly, just seen as a fireball but that can not be proven in real terms." Some community leaders also said that 39, it was news, said the police chief of Balikpapan, AKBP Wiwin Fitra.

For this incident, Wiwin asked residents to reactivate the mobile security system (siskamling). He said the police would also increase routine patrols.

My ghost is a supernatural being whose form is only the head with internal organs that fly. In the video, the residents seemed excited when they circled the two-story house. Some residents have climbed the second floor of the house by going around the house in search of a ghost.