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Giants would be "very interested" by Nick Foles

According to a report by Tony Pauline, the New York Giants are "very interested" by the impending free agent quarterback, Nick Foles.

But wait. Is Giants head coach Pat Shurmur not coming back for Eli Manning as a starter from New York earlier Wednesday?

Well, apparently, he did it. But the speech is cheap and Shumur's bail appeared before Howie Roseman announces that the Eagles will not be a franchise brand for Foles. In addition, Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman has moved away from Manning's commitment.

Q: You heard a little earlier that Pat said that Eli was back for 2019. You were a bit vague about this at the end-of-season press conference. What led you to decide that?

GETTLEMAN: Well, it's an endless process. We have not reached the stage of free agency yet, so, as I told you, I had my conversation with Eli right after the end of the season and we are where we are. As Pat said, there are a million different models, a million different ways to do it and you can cite a number of models in which a veteran had trained a young man and at some point , the torch was over and everyone left, and it was happy, everyone left. So there is a lot of time left to make those decisions.

Q: Is it safe to say that you are not looking for a veteran [replace Eli]?

GETTLEMAN: I can not say anything like that. I can not do it. You do not know what will happen, you do not know.

Q: So you're not committed to Eli?

GETTLEMAN: I just told you. We evaluate everything and we must continue to move forward.

Later in his bail, however, Gettleman made defend Manning.

GETTLEMAN: That's what I'm going to say and I really thought about it. My head hurts, which is why I hurt myself, I think. I really thought about it: the story around Eli in the last four years, five years after I left, was really negative. The story is negative. There is an old adage that says, "Say enough lies, you believe it." The story is so negative that when you take this position, most people have trouble getting out of this place, most people have a hard time saying, "I'm going to look at this with new eyes." So, for example When you evaluate professional players, every year a new year. When you evaluate it, it's a new year. Yes, before he's at that level, but that does not mean you're watching him, he's automatically at that level or that level. You have to take everything for what you are worth at that time and I think the story was negative, and I do not think it was right.

We think the Giants will stay with Manning and pick a quarter (Dwayne Haskins?) 6th overall in the 2019 NFL.

Nevertheless, I have no doubt that Pauline heard what he heard. It should also be noted that Foles would have a "legitimate" interest in the giants, according to Zack Rosenblatt from NJ.com.

So, maybe Foles stays in the NFC East. Honestly, I would be surprised. All clues still indicate that Jaguars are favorites, as noted earlier in the day.

Ian Rapoport later added that Foles prefers Jacksonville to the Dolphins. Rapoport also said that Washington should not spend a lot of money in free quarters, so it looks like they are on Foles. I have a hard time believing that Foles would like to play for Dan Snyder and this organization, anyway.

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