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"Girls Need Love" by Drake Remixes

A few weeks ago, Summer Walker performed "Girls Need Love" on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show. Prior to that, however, she began collecting a major advertising hype, earning co-signatures with some of the most influential artists in the game. Today, it was announced that a remix of the title would come out, featuring none other than the greatest artist in the world: Drake. Canadian talent is heavily criticized by fans, but in the end he was one of the most consistent and outstanding artists of this generation. For him, remixing your song is a big deal. iLoveMakonnen exploded just after the fall of the "Tuesday" remix. Think about what can happen to Summer Walker now.

The remix of "Girls Need Love" is officially released, as promised by 6ix God. Although the announcement was announced just a few hours ago, fans have already reacted to the news wondering how their sounds could be meshed. It turns out that they really sound great together. Drake has experience in this type of R & B atmosphere, so it was natural to head to this remix.

Which do you prefer? The remix or the original? Where do you think Summer Walker goes from here?

Quotable lyrics:

Honestly, I'm tryna stay focused
You must think that I have to joke when I say
I do not think I can wait
I just need it now
Better to swing my way

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