Gizmo and Mr Wing will lead a new animated series Gremlins


Screenshot: YouTube

For those of us who remember a young man tinged with the wave who threatens to find a meal in our kitchens, there is good news: we may have a chance to pass on this trauma to the impressionable young audience. today. By variety, A Gremlins An animated series is under development for WarnerMedia's next streaming service.

Produced by Warner Bros. Television and Amblin Television, the series will follow the young Mr Wing as he embarks on adventures with the friendly Mogwai, Gizmo. There is not much more information about the principle or the tone, but with Tze Chun – whose TV credits include Gotham and Once upon a time – attached to the writing and executive product, the potential for a darker show is still there.

The first Gremlins The film was released in 1984 and became a major box office success, leading to a sequel and a strange but enduring digital imprint on pop culture. This also led to a pretty amazing teen anti-substance PSA starring Mr. Wing and Gizmo themselves, managing an effective mix of adorable goosebumps.

the Gremlins The series will be part of an effort to bring more internal properties to current audiences via new content. During TCA Winder's recent press tour, Turner's Creative Director Kevin Reilly subtly hinted that some of Warner's "crown jewels" will also end up in WarnerMedia's streaming service. No name has been named, but we can guess that friends are part of these prized properties, unless the determined Netflix people decide to shell out another ungodly sum to keep it in its clutches.

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