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GM Steelers – More Teams Learning About Brown

INDIANAPOLIS – Pittsburgh Steelers catcher Antonio Brown has grown in size, chief executive Kevin Colbert said on Wednesday as the team continues to publicly buy its playmaker. featured at the NFL Watch Club.

The Steelers did not exclude any team, said Colbert, including their three North AFC rivals.

"Ideally, you want to trade against someone you will never play with," Colbert said. "But you can not do that – if you're good enough to go to the Super Bowl, you have to play it anyway.

"The less you play it, the better." But if a [AFC North] The team gets the best pay, you have to balance that. We will play it twice a year, but we will get the best compensation. … You have to weigh that in the discussions. We did not eliminate anyone. "

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Colbert would not detail any of the team's discussions on Brown, but the general manager said that "interest has risen" since last week, when he said three teams were interested. Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht and San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan are not among those who have shown interest.

Colbert also insisted that the Steelers are not obliged to negotiate Brown, despite Brown's keen interest in continuing his activities.

"We will only trade if it benefits the Pittsburgh Steelers," said Colbert. "He knows it, his representation knows it, it has been clearly explained and we are ready to take a look at it." It is possible to do something so that both sides benefit, so much the better. Otherwise we will deal with it when we get there.

"Everything we do should benefit us, if it is not, then it will not be."

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