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Go backstage while Adam Savage is testing an Iron Man costume that really is going on

Many people dream of dressing like Iron Man and shooting in the sky. Count among them the former former co-host of MythBusters, Adam Savage.

Adam Savage and the Iron Man costume. "I hope this thing will fly."


For Savage Builds, his new eight-part series focused on extreme engineering, Savage recruited a team from the Colorado School of Mines, specializing in science, to build him an Iron Man suit made largely out of titanium printed in 3D. The idea was to feed it with a Gravity Industries jetpack, led by Savage's friend, British inventor Richard Browning. The exoskeleton is powered by five 1000-horsepower mini-jet engines, attached to the body.

"It sounds like a hyperbole, but I swear … if Tony Stark was not a fiction and he was currently building an Iron Man costume, that's precisely what it's all about." 39 he would do and that's the exact technology that he would use, "Savage said. a CNET film crew who spent two days with him while he was trying to learn to fly in a hangar east of San Francisco.

On the first episode of Savage Builds on Friday, Savage dons this silvery object but does not feel comfortable enough to wear it and test the jetpack at the same time. Browning does this though and manages to hover about 4.5 meters above the ground. Certainly, he has not hovered above skyscrapers or other planets, but his feat will surely give a boost to the superheroes who are looking to become the next Tony Stark.

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"It was the most fun of my life with 1,000 horses in my life," said Savage after the test flight. "It was amazing."

In addition to titanium components, the suit features urethane, fiberglass and 3D printed nylon parts. It also has articulated joints and articulated fingers. Because Savage did not just want to fly like Iron Man. He wanted to be like him.

Savage Build is premiered on Science Channel and will be broadcast on the Discovery Channel. Savage will focus on one project per episode. In any of them, he will attempt to create a functional version of one of the most notorious engineering failures in history: Panjandrum, the weapon explosive rocket propelled the British army dating back to the Second World War. In another, he will experiment with highly volatile liquid nitroglycerin. Because that's what you do when you're a manufacturer / handyman / questor who builds and explodes things in the name of science.

"This new series is a culmination, as I work with some of the brightest minds as we try to solve some really absurd ideas that I've had in my head for a long time, but that I've never had before." the opportunity to dive in, "said Savage at the announcement of the new show. "Of course, the most absurd ideas are often what generates the most innovative engineering."

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