God Eater 3 gets a new trailer, screenshots and release notes for v1.30 update

The patch v1.30 of Development for God Eater 3 is in progress. He will propose a new story and two new characters.

The official Twitter account of Bandai Namco has announced that God the Eater 3The v1.22 update was released, dropping a lot of balance fixes for the game. The status update also dropped a new trailer and release notes for upgrading. day v1.30, illustrating the advancement of the development of new content that accompanied it.

According to Bandai Namco, work on Patch v1.30 is underway and progressing. The vocal work for the new episode is almost complete and the two new characters, Keith and Neal, have almost been fully implemented.

Keith has skills that highlight his "mechanic" trait, using mostly melee attacks while supporting his allies. On the other hand, Neal does not interfere much with his allies and instead fights alone. His main talent lies in the search for enemies, although he has another feature. However, this will be revealed at the "Another Episode".

The newly released patch v1.22 corrects problems with the chip editor and the controller input, as well as a bug caused by the previous patch v1.20. The full patch notes for these are below:

Ball Editor

  • Adjusted the functionality of when a radial tracking module is connected to a radial tracking and tracking module.
  • The "Radial Care: Follow" module now follows the "Orb: Rotate instead" module when it is seen by other players in multiplayer mode.
  • Version 1.22 of the hotfix corrected the Bullet Editor-related phenomenon caused by version 1.20 of the hotfix.

Relative to the controller's input

  • Adjusted the speed of the controller input to react now faster to the screen.
  • This patch has also improved the speed of entry of the controller of an image, thus improving the game.

God the Eater 3 is currently on PS4 and PC and, after some teasing developers, will head to Nintendo Switch on July 12.

You can buy God the Eater 3 for the PS4 or pre-order the Nintendo Switch version to receive bonus Estelle and Yuri costumes from Tales of Vesperia, Which has recently received a "definitive edition" also available on Switch. Discover our review of God the Eater 3 here and gallery new screenshots just below.

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