GOG fires a dozen employees for reported financial problems


The GOG online store fired a dozen employees last week amid rumors of financial stress, Kotaku reported.

This news follows the significant layoffs at Activision-Blizzard a few weeks ago, including the closure of two US-based King Studios.

Belonging to The witcher 3 Projekt Red CD developer, the company did not disclose the circumstances surrounding the layoffs, but an employee laid off told Kotaku that the reason was apparently due to the money.

A GOG representative confirmed the layoffs, saying that "while letting people go is never easy, we have reorganized some teams since October 2018, which closed a dozen posts last week."

"At the same time, since the beginning of the process, we have welcomed nearly twice as many new members of the team and currently occupy 20 vacant positions," they continue.

However, the employee who speaks to Kotaku tells a different story, saying the laid-off staff learned that the company made the decision under duress, saying the layoffs affected 10 percent of GOG employees.

"We were told it was a financial decision," they explained. "GOG's revenue could not keep up with growth, the fact that we are about to be dangerously in the red has appeared in recent months, and the market trend is rising [developer] the share of income has, or will have, an impact on net results ".

"We were in the process of restructuring, we have moved teams, not unprecedented, but such large layoffs have never happened before."

Interestingly, two employees of CD Projekt Red described Gwent financial disappointment, the company later admitting that the limited scope of GOG was one of the reasons for the lack of success of the game.

the Thronebreaker campaign (role play for one player taking place in the worldThe witcher combined with the game mechanics of Gwent) Was added to Steam although it was announced as a GOG exclusive shortly thereafter.

However, it is interesting to note that if Gwent had something to do with layoffs is any speculation.

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