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Good news for drivers' license holders

In India, a driver's license is an official document that authorizes the holder to use different types of motor vehicles on motorways and on certain other publicly accessible roads. In various Indian states, they are administered by regional authorities / transport offices (RTA / RTO). In India, anyone driving a vehicle on a road or other road as defined in the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 must obtain a driving license.
A modern driver's license photo can also be used for many purposes of an identity card in non-driving contexts (such as proof of identity (for example when opening a bank account) or age (for example during a mobile connection request).
Temporary driver's license applications can be made from 16 years old. Valid for driving a moped or a gearless motorcycle (with a maximum capacity of 50 cm3) from 16 years old and from a car from 18 years old to drive another type. The "permit for all of India" allows the holder to drive throughout the country.To drive commercial / transport vehicles, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the driving license (and a minimum age of 20 years, in some states). Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 Until a driving test (consisting of three parts: oral or written examination (according to the state), examination of the road sign followed by a supervised driving test) either successful, the driver can not hold a temporary license and be subject to certain conditions.

The conditions attached to provisional licenses for a particular class of vehicle are as follows:

L-plates must be well displayed at the front and rear of the vehicle.
Learner drivers of a particular category and type of transmission must be accompanied by a person who has a full driver's license for that category and this type of transmission, with the exception solo motorcycles and vehicles of certain categories designed solely for one person.
Bikers must not carry passengers.
Bus drivers must not carry any passengers with the exception of a person who gives or receives instructions.
Theoretical test
The tests on basic rules of conduct are conducted by the RTOs when a person applies for a provisional license. The theoretical test in India consists of basic questions about road signs, identical for car and motorcycle tests:

Multiple choice questions – 15 questions with a choice of possible answers. You must answer at least 9 questions correctly to pass this section.
Verbal or written test (depending on the state)
The theoretical test is completed on computer and both must be successful to pass the theory
Points and mentions
India uses cumulative point systems, widely similar but whose details differ from country to country, for offenders.

The points are awarded by the courts to driving offenses, and the license is annotated accordingly. Courts may endorse an Indian driver's license for various offenses, not just those committed while driving or in charge of a vehicle.[citation needed] If the perpetrator does not have a valid driver's license, the driver is liable to a prison term or imprisonment of up to 3 months. and attract 3 negative points in each case.

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