Google and Samsung team up to unify Android business solutions


Ok, well not a story about 5G or folding phones. Let's talk about Android Enterprise.

Google and Samsung announce a new partnership that will allow both companies to collaborate to improve business solutions for their customers. The partnership involves both Google and Samsung combining their respective enterprise solutions (Android Enterprise and Knox Platform for Enterprise) to provide a unified solution that works for everyone.

Samsung adopts OEMConfig from Android Enterprise as part of Knox Service Plugin to provide a unified and consistent customer experience. By adopting OEMConfig, Knox will use the same system as other manufacturers, which means that everyone involved will have a consistent experience. But more importantly, it will allow Android OEMs to access the functionality of Samsung's Knox Business Platform without having to create their own.

The two companies also combine their respective solutions for mass enrollment of enterprise devices. The companies are developing a common client library with a simplified and unified API set that will work on both Android devices and Samsung devices, available this spring.

The idea behind this partnership is quite simple and could actually be very useful for Samsung and Google's corporate customers. Thanks to Knox and Android Enterprise, which offer a simplified experience, corporate customers distributing hundreds of phones to their employees have less work. Android OEMs will also have access to Samsung's broad range of features.

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