Google announces major unveiling at GDC in March

The video game developer conference will host a keynote speech by Google's search giant next month, the company announced today. The invitation says to "come together" and promises "everything will be revealed" during the keynote speech, suggesting that the company plans to make a form of announcement.

What this project could be remains a mystery for the moment. We know that Google has partnered with Ubisoft last year to test Project Stream. The test allowed interested players to broadcast Assassin's Creed Odyssey directly into their Google Chrome browser.

Rumors have circulated recently about Google's so-called "Yeti Project", which would be its own perspective on the home console. It would focus on streaming and could even have its own exclusive games, but the price and details are unknown. Google's open project flow test confirmed that he was already studying streaming games, but other rumors about Yeti are not confirmed.

If Google plans to get into video games with some sort of streaming box, it will probably not be alone. Microsoft has already announced its own streaming plans, called Project xCloud, and will make it debut this year. This ad boasted the fact that it would work on any type of device, including mobile, which the initial Google Project Stream test could not. We also heard from other competitors, including Verizon, who explored the idea.

All that Google will reveal, it will be detailed during his speech. It will be held at the Moscone Center on March 19th at 10 am Eastern Time. The game developer conference begins on March 18th.

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